How one can recognise a passive agent?

Person will be well dressed with shaving of anal hair. There may be funnel shaped depression of the buttock towards anus. Anus will be dilated with disappearance of its radical folds and prolapse of the rectal mucosa as the sphincter is relaxed. There may be cicatrices of old lacerations in the rectum near anus.

What is exhibitionism?

It is the display of the genitals before one or more strangers in a public place. Exposure is a punishable offence. It occurs in a variety of personality disorders like the pathologic drinker, middle aged and elderly men with organic brain syndrome. These persons may be psycopathic personalities with mental retraction. These are potential sex offenders.

What is voyeurism?

It is the observation of erotically stimulating sights and specially viewing of anothers genitals. Occasional peeping in childhood and adolescence out of curiosity is frequent. If it occurs later it is an immaturity reaction. It is more frequent in males. His interest is focussed in woman and more he sees, more he is excited.

Who peeps?
Common types of peepers have social inhibitions. They feel shy with females and have strong feelings of inferiority. They seldom meet females they know. A substantial number masturbates. They peep but a few only indulge in rape.

What is bisexuality?
Some persons find that they are bisexual, that is, capable of sexual love for both men and women. Freud considered that everybody is born with the ability to love sexually both men and women and this changes in adolescence into sexual desire for the opposite sex only.

Is bisexuality normal?
Human beings have been interested in the idea of bisexuality throughout history. In ancient mythology the original human was believed to have been half male and half female. Freud tells that every body was born bisexual and capable of all kinds of sexual activity. It is only through our growing up and our relationships with our parents that the kind of people we are attracted to and the sexual relationship we desire are narrowed down.

In which period of life problems can arise for the bisexual?

First is during adolescence. These people want to experience their “sexuality in a variety of ways and this often takes the form of sex play with the members of the same sex. It is natural. Second problem arises when bisexuals get married. They don’t know whether they should be faithful to their sex or to spouse or try an open relationship.
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